Former baseball star David Justice said that some videos where stolen from his house and one of them was a 45 min. Halle Berry sex tape video and he wants them back asap! Oops, too late though as they have hit the net according to sources.

The videos are said to feature Halle and David in a very special moment towards the end of the couples marriage. As we all very well know Halle was devastated after her break up with David and would have done anything to keep the relationship hot and this is where the videos are said to have come from (Halle trying to please David and his sexual desires). The video features full nudity and intercourse that can be seen while David is supposedly the man behind the camera enjoying the service that Halle is providing well.

The video was filmed in the 90’s and the quality is just so so… However having a sex tape of one of the most beautiful women in the world is a beautiful thing!

Halle’s reps have not returned our calls though David recently was recently stopped in the street and asked about the sex tapes and his reply was, “If you leak them you will pay!” Watch out now.