There has been several videos that are trying to be passed off as the Harvey Weinstein sex tape, however most of them have been complete bs. Yes, we said “most” as there is a few that look very real, and of course there is the video of Harvey fingering Melissa Thompson in his office at a “product pitch” where is later said to have raped her in his hotel room. We have to ask ourselves though, if Melissa was doing a product pitch and got her pussy played with… why the fuck would she then proceed to his Hotel room and claim she was raped? What the hell did you think was going to happen after he just forcibly finger banged you at your first ever meeting?!

Video also surfaced of what appears to be Harvey engaging in sexual acts with a masseuse in his hotel room. You can clearly see the male in the tape flip over completely naked and move the woman’s hand down to his erect penis. The woman goes ahead and provides the male with both a handjob and blowjob until he finishes and the video then cuts out.

Harvey is currently in real deep shit for his sexual shenanigans, being charged with several counts of rape and sexual assault in the New York City courts.

We have reached out for comment by Harvey’s reps on the videos that are surfacing, though thus far we have not heard a peep, much like the rest of the media. Harvey’s attorneys are being very tight lipped through this entire process, as they should.