American singer, songwriter and lead vocalist of the rock group Paramore Hayley Williams is reported to now have a exposed video of her and ex-bf Josh Farro going at it creating the Hayley Williams sex tape video scandal that everyone is talking about.

The video that was supposedly filmed in 2007 in what appears to be a dressing room at one of her concerts shows the couple having sex prior to Hayley hitting the stage. (we guess she had to calm her nerves or something) LOL In the video you can see what appears to be Hayley getting oral sex by Josh for about 5min then the two have sex missionary style for about another 8min all shot on what is said to be Josh’s misplaced IPhone. After the video hit the net both Hayley and Josh were quick to deny the rumors saying “It’s not us” however the public seems to think otherwise after watching the videos.

Calls to Hayley’s reps have gone un-returned thus far though as we said before they have both already denied the videos authenticity.

[UPDATE] – Josh went on record saying that he cares very much for Hayley and would never do anything to hurt her or her reputation and even though yes his cell phone had been lost he later found it and was not missing any data. Sounds fishy to us, we think we will continue to let users decide what they think.

[UPDATE] – Hayley “accidentally” leaked nude photos online through her Twitter account, then re-tweeted “Well…my night just changed drastically. Got hacked.” She tried to deny the photos however later admitted they where legit as you can tell plain as day they are defiantly Hayley.

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