If you have not heard Vietnamese actress and singer Hoang Thuy Linh who played the main character on a popular youth Vietnamese tv show “Vang Anh’s Diary” and has now been busted in the Hoang Thuy Linh sex tape video for all of us to watch, pay attention as this is the biggest scandal ever in the Vietnamese entertainment industry!

The Hoang Thuy Linh sex tape video was leaked by the person that stole the camcorder that the video was shot with and shows Hoang getting pounded incredibly hard from behind by an un-known male partner. The video is very good and has no blur like most videos from Asia show as showing close ups is considered illegal. The video is set up in a bedroom and shows the couple on the bed, in the bathroom, on a couch and the floor going at it for about 45min.

Unfortunately they canceled her kids show after the sex tapes were confirmed to be legit. DOH!

We have tried to contact Hoang for comment… nothing yet… We are waiting…

[UPDATE] – The male in the video has been confirmed to be Viet “dart” and Hoang has for 2010 debuted a new album “Hoang Thuy Linh – Vol.1” however the sex tapes are still all the talk every time she does an interview.