One of Hugh Heffner’s best bunny mates Holly Madison recently had a new tell-all memoir titled “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny”. Now according to rumors a sex tape has showed up recently “leaked” by someone said to be in the Playboy organization as a retaliation move against her talking s**t on the Playboy mansion secrets. Holly had been doing a lot with her modeling and television career thanks to the Playboy organization with appearances on shows like “The Girls Next Door”, “Holly’s World” and most recently “Dancing with the Stars”. Holly on many occasions had said she wanted to marry Heff and have his children but that never happened so she left the mansion in “search of her own life” or so she says and stated after releasing the tell all book “I was not trying to bag on the Playboy organization, only talking about my story personally”.

Now Playboy housemates are saying that Holly on several occasions tried like hell to have sex with the super famous on the down low in the mansion given any chance and she succeed a lot and was nothing but a gold digger trying to land a rich man to take care of her. Well, surveillance cameras caught some of those advancements and acts on tape via the mansions security network all during the time she was supposed to be Hugh Heffner’s girlfriend. Now we know that some of the male celebs that have been to the mansions parties may be s**tting themselves right now but you are ok as the male faces are very well blurred out in the tapes (classy till the end Playboy!). Anyways, there is 4 tapes total so far with 4 different famous men of Holly doing everything from a simple blowjob to full blown sex. Note to self…. Playboy mansion has a ton of high quality security cameras. LOL

[UPDATE] – Hugh Heffner’s son recently went on record and said: “Holly is nothing more than a gold digger and how exactly does a person who is famous for being nothing more than a pretty gold digger paint themselves as a victim of a relationship they aggressively sought out for?” and Holly blasted back saying: “If I was bitter about not having been married and wanted revenge, I would have done it a long time ago.” Even former Playboy mansion housemate Kendra Wilkinson is getting in on the action saying that “Holly was always on the hunt for a money man, always has always will.”

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