Stud radio host Howard may very well be now known for the Howard Stern Sex Tape Video as a video leaked to the internet according to sources and it all went down with a girl that had an amazing hot dog talent on his Sirius Satellite Radio show a while back.

Howard is well known to be a bit of a flirt on his radio shows, well come to find out his radio show is more him than we could ever imagine as video of Howard or someone that looks just like him recently hit the net. The video shows Howard getting one of the best blow jobs of all time and get this… He himself recorded the entire thing on his cell phone saying to the girl “he wanted to remember the best blowjob he has ever had forever”. Fortunately for Howard the video was filmed after breakup with long time wife Beth Ostrosky and before Beth Stern so that puts the recording somewhere between 1999-2001.

The female does not disappoint on the sex tape as Howard has his toes curled by the talent of this freak of nature and yes if you are curious Howard does indeed have a very large manhood. Howard is now one of the main judges on America’s Got Talent, we where curious if he could get this girl on the show!