A new full sex tape video has surfaced via notorious Busted Celebrity’s Instagram feed, showing what is said to be Huma Abedin and her now ex Anthony Weiner having sex.

The video was said to come from a cell phone that was reported “lost” by Anthony back in 2013. We have looked at the video very closely, and can say that the couple in the video does in fact look like both Abedin and Anthony in a very nice limo. However, their faces are really never shown, as the video is POV doggy style. The video starts and finishes, with what is said to be Anthony doing his business, and then finishing all over Abedin’s black dress. Now, with that said there has been several videos that have been said to be the couple having sex leaked to the web via XVideos and Pornhub, however we have been able to debunk them all as fakes. This one however, has several looks of being the real deal. We will let you decide for yourselves, if you think it truly is the now separated couple.

There was also video leaked of what is said to be Anthony in solo masturbation, several pictures of his junk, and what appears to be a nude sleeping Abedin.

We have put in calls to Abedin’s reps, but have yet to hear back on the situation.

Anthony is very well known to shoot nude video, photos and sex chats. One of Anthony’s ex female workers said “he always walked around like he was on Viagra 24/7. Mr Weiner was always horny, and always talking about how big he was, how he loved to eat pu$$y and could last for ever in bed, it was very creepy and always akward being around him.”