Oh Snap! Amethyst Amelia Kelly or better known as her Hip Hop stage name Iggy has been caught up in her very own tape scandal after one of her ex-boyfriends (could it be Nick Young or Hefe Wine maybe) came forward and said he had the Iggy Azalea full sex tape porn video and was ready to sell the rights. Sweet!

At first like so many other celebs Iggy said “The video is not of me and I think that anyone that would leak such a video portraying myself is sick.” However, she soon did a 180 on her story after the video was made available and her lawyers found out that indeed the tapes where in fact of Iggy. She then said yes, the tapes are of me and an ex-boyfriend however I think I may have been underage. Steven Hirsch said he has seen the tape and that the video appears that she is of age and “I believe there would be a huge demand for her sex tape in fact the video would probably beat the download numbers that Kim Kardashian had with her Kim K Superstar sex tape. And hell, we think personally that Iggy Azalea has just about as much booty in the trunk as Kim does, so it should make for some good bouncing and slapping. Yes, according to the reports there is some smacking of her big booty when the male has her in the doggy style position.

The content in questions shows pretty much everything in first person… meaning they where trading the camera back and forth as they do their thing to each other. So, needless to say we finally have a real sex tape again and not some staged bull s**t from a celeb just trying to get rich and up their celebrity status. Hollywood is going crazy over the tapes saying that this will be news for sure for a very long time in the Hollywood scene. Ya think?!

[UPDATE] Calls to Iggy’s attorneys have been returned to us stating “The tapes are possibly of Iggy and if shown, we will hunt down those that are posting the content and file suite”. Good luck with that we say… Do you know how hard it would be to block a Iggy sex tape? Pretty much impassable.

[UPDATE] TMZ recently reported hearing from Iggy’s attorneys: “They also told us any footage was possibly shot “without her knowledge or consent” – that’s kind of a weird statement considering the video camera was at times held by Iggy to get a good view”. The lawyers also say “it’s possible it was shot when she was a minor, however we are still checking that fact out”. Ya Think?! LOL

[UPDATE] Ok the plot thickens… it appears that Iggy Azalea signed away her rights to fight the release of her sex tape that was shot with Hefe Wine her former boyfriend/manager. This new information shows that Hefe does in fact have the right to release and market the Iggy sex tapes without the threat of being sued. So we will all get to see the tapes for sure!

[UPDATE] – In a very weird twist the hacker group Anonymous was said to have hacked the Iggy Azalea sex tapes from Hefe’s cell phone and reports are saying that in response to racist and anti-gay comments from her recently they are going to be leaking the tapes themselves. However, one of the leaders of the group contacted MTV and said that “We may have the tape of Iggy but no one in my organization has threatened the leak of her video because of her comments, we are not in the business of porn but feel that she needs to apologize or else”. We continue to watch this one real close as it seems to get weirder by the day.

[UPDATE] – We have been sent some content from a private source that is said to be Iggy Azalea and Nick Young in a sex tape video together taken with Nick’s cell phone and we are super surprised with what we have seen. Here is a still image of the video that we were sent. Now the weird thing here is that this is not the same stuff that has been verified with Hefe her ex boyfriend, this is with Nick Young… so that could mean that there is not one tape of Iggy but two of them now. We have sent a copy of the content to Iggy’s reps and have yet to her back from them as of yet.

[UPDATE] – In an extremely bizarre twist Iggy Azalea has gone on record recently and I quote: “I do not have a sex tape but if I did have a sex tape it would be completely f**king fine and my own business.” and then Iggy continued to say “I’m a homebody. I already did all my wild s**t. And that will wear you out… I’m glad I did all that early, because now I have so much to talk about in my music, and I don’t have to worry that I’m going to spiral out of control.” So riddle us this Iggy… If there is no sex tapes, why then when Hefe claimed the tapes where real you freaked the hell out and even had your lawyers try to stop Hefe from releasing any said “tapes”? If you knew it was a bull s**t claim why would you even try to put a stop to them? If you ask us we smell complete bull s**t and think she very well may have cut a side private deal with Hefe. This will be one to watch for sure and just seems to get better and better with time. Stay tuned…

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