Janet has been busted when she was caught sunbathing in the nude by a sneaky paparazzi and they say they have the Janet Jackson sex tape video content to prove it. After finding out about the video Janet was said to go straight to her attack dog attorneys and tried to have the paps arrested, but nothing has come from that as of yet.

We think that seeing Janet’s kitty cat live on video is just awesome for sure as Janet is said to massage her breasts and shaved kitty thinking she was alone while sunbathing butt ass naked in her back yard. The masturbation video is also said to be very real and you can see Janet start to jerk around a bit while she rubs herself very fast. Who knew Janet had such a big well… ya know? LOL! We have not seen the video as of yet but will definitely report on it after we take a look for ourselves.

Calls to Janet’s reps confirmed that “yes the content is of Janet and we are currently working with our lawyers on a solution as the video was caught through the bushes of her private estate” according to the rumors.

[UPDATE] – One of Janet Jackson’s dancers has said to have leaked video that shows Janet while he has sex with her doggy style (while she was not looking behind her). The video is very convincing as the minute they start to do doggy style he reaches over to grab his phone and records the session. The reason why the video is said to be convincing is that the phone was recording the entire time and you can hear the audio of what appears to be Janet’s voice.

[UPDATE] – A man has come forward that says he has gotten a hold of a video that is said to be Janet with Tupac and is trying to sell the video. We call bull s**t on this as Janet did not even want to kiss tupac when they made the movie Poetic Justice. We will however continue to watch this sex tape story closely and see where it goes.

[UPDATE] – We have been contacted by one of Janet Jackson’s attorneys directly that forced us to remove the image we had up earlier of Janet (we complied, as we take DMCA request seriously… we no longer host the image) and is now asking us to remove this entire page talking about Janet Jackson news/rumors/gossip from our site… We told them that we report on what we find from around the internet with the way we see/feel about what is being talked about or reported on (free speech anyone?) from around the web worldwide. We also go on to tell the attorney that like we have said up above “We have not seen the video as of yet” there is no confirmed sex tape of Janet Jackson at this time only rumors and gossip. We would think that with us saying that they would be happy with us de-bunking the rumors of any real Janet Jackson sex tape and want us to be everywhere on the net. We provided our attorney information and will keep ya updated as always… this will be the 6th time a celeb has tried to strong arm free speech and every time we have won.

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