As the rumor goes… When Leon Isaac and Jayne Kennedy got divorced he dumped this home-made sex tape video into the underground and we have the 70’s Jayne Kennedy sex tape video info for you.

The sex tape quality is not great – in fact we’d call it ‘poor’ (mostly due to inferior video cameras at the time) but if you’ve been dying to seen Ms Kennedy in the nude doing her thing, then here it is. The video features about 20min of classic celebrity porn showing everything you would expect out of a classic film.

Jayne’s reps where contacted and confirmed the sex tapes are real and made with an ex-boyfriend that later leaked the videos.

[UPDATE] – Jayne was recently on an HBO special on modeling in the 60’s and 70’s and explained that her sex tapes where never meant to be seen by the public and that “the videos of me out there where made when I was deeply in love with a man that I thought was going to be my husband and soul mate, however as we all could see that ended up not being the case and he turned out to be just another idiot.”