Jenelle Evans is the latest reality star (Teen Mom) that according to sources has her very own very nasty sex-tape titled simply the Jenelle Evans sex tape video floating around with 2 other girls and 3 dudes making it one of the first full blown teen orgy celebrity sex tapes to ever be leaked.

If you don’t know who Jenelle Evans is… she is one of the stars from the reality show “Teen Mom” and was known to be a bit of a firecracker.

The only problem with the video is that it was shot while she was underage according to sources thus making it illegal. The video footage though is very nasty and at times a bit ruff and people that have seen the footage say Jenelle definitely acts much older than 18 years old in the video as it is just “one big crazy teen orgy”.

We have been in contact with Jenelle Evans’s management and of course they have denied the videos, however according to sources the “video is of her no doubt”!

[UPDATE] – The videos of Jenelle have also now been confirmed by one of her close personal friends that was in one of the tapes and says she was underage at the time the videos where filmed. Not sure about the other ones as of yet, though the boyfriend swears up and down she was of age…

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