22 year old Jennette McCurdy who is super famous for her role as Sam Puckett on the Nickelodeon sitcom “iCarly” and the spin-off series “Sam & Cat” has been caught up in recent talk about her sex tape with her former boyfriend NBA star Andre Drummond… who is frikin’ HUGE we might add. Though we can confirm that she most definitely was a part of the recent ICloud hacking scandal that leaked a bunch of naughty sexy photos meant for Andre (we think that Andre leaked the photos himself and just blamed the could)… However, as far as a tape is concerned so far it’s a no go and the sites that are claiming to have it are lying out of their asses unfortunately.

The video in question made its rounds on sites like of course PornHub and XVideos labeled as the Jennette McCurdy scandalous interracial sex tape video with tons of sites also claiming it is the real deal. Though it was a girl that looked a lot like Jennette we can confirm it is not. The video that everyone is geeking over like we said shows a girl that looks like her taking it like a complete porn star… oh wait, this girl is a porn star, we just have not been able to identify her.

We have reached out to both PornHub and XVideos but thus far they have not gotten back with us. We also put in a call to Jennette’s PR team and they did contact us back with the following statement. “The videos that are claiming to be Jennette McCurdy are not her and will be treated as a defamation of character lawsuit to anyone that labels the videos as such.” Well there ya go straight from the horses mouth.

UPDATE – More exposed photos have leaked of Jennette probably “leaked” yet again by her ex basketball lover Andre Drummond (yes we are jealous) and we must say the girl has grown up big time… we would let her kick our ass any day.

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