A new Jennifer Aniston sex tape video with former super sexy boyfriend Brad Pitt according to reports has leaked showcasing the power couple at a local LA hotel balcony doing the nasty in 2004.

The video shows what appears to be Brad Pitt her former boyfriend grabbing Jennifer from behind, pulling up her dress and you then proceed to watch Jennifer going up and down like a boat in the ocean on a naked Brad Pitt all while he smokes what looks to be a beautifully rolled joint. The video is not the best quality, however anytime you can see Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston nude, well that my friend is a great day!

Calls put into the couples reps about the Jennifer Aniston sex tape video has not been returned as of yet, so we are still waiting on a comment from either side.

[UPDATE] – Another video if what is said to be Jennifer with non other than John Mayer has leaked after John had shown some friends the videos and accidentally hit send in the process inadvertently texting the video to a list of people. John Mayer for some reason un-known to us has been the rebound guy for countless celebrities that end up having relationship issues and has been ties to about 3-4 celebrity sex tapes now.