American recording artist Jessica Simpson has been caught up in a scandal recently according to reports that appears to be the first Jessica Simpson sex tape video and nude photos ever leaked!

The video is said to be from around when Jessica was dating celebrity John Mayer and she is pretty pissed off about the entire thing. John seemed to have put a MacBook pointing towards the bed and in the video you hear the couple laughing and having a good time then they both move into the frame (on the bed). The MacBook video recorder caught the entire sexual encounter on video and the rumors are correct Jessica Simpson is a firecracker in the sack, especially considering that she was a virgin when she married ex-husband Nick Lachey.

Also, leaked says sources where about 30 nude photo’s of Jessica and John in several different sexual situations in different locations that have never before been seen and was supposedly leaked by a close friend of Nick’s.

The paparazzi have been after Jessica leaked footage forever catching her several times with camel toe and pics of her pun-tang accidentally slipping out of outfits.

Calls from us to Jessica’s reps have gone un-returned thus far… However, she had recently told the Star magazine that she was very dis-appointed in Nick and thought he was a better person than this. OUCH!