American Rap star/diva EVE recently had a sex tape released by yet another pissed off ex-boyfriend before she hit the big time titled by the public the Jihan Jeffers sex tape video.

The video shows Jihan taking a huge 12″ dildo all the way to the base and then some shoved in there by a un-known black male partner, the entire Jeffers sex tape video is pretty nasty stuff and un-believable as she can take the whole brutal dildo with what seems no effort at all on her part.

Her boyfriend then finishes her off himself with what after having that giant dildo in there would be considered a “small fry”. Not sure about you guys but, think he really did anything for Jihan after that 12″ super fat dildo? Come on now LOL!

Calls to Jihan’s reps came back to us and this is what they said: ” Yes, it is in fact Jihan in the video and we are saddened that the video was leaked to the net by a spiteful ex-lover looking for a few minutes of fame”. Ooops!

[UPDATE] – More footage of the same night has appeared online and the same dildo used stands up again this time on a bar stool… What we would give to be plastic some times ;)