Just when you think things could not get any more crazy for Tampa socialite Jill Kelley who is at the front line of the CIA General David Petraeus cheating scandal with Paula Bradwell… they do with the recent Jill Kelley sex tape video that everyone is talking about.

We have looked into all the hype and will now break it down for all those who are un-clear of the situation… Jill Kelley is wrapped up in a huge scandal involving Gen. David Petraeus who as we all know cheated on his wife with a biographer for the CIA director Paula Bradwell and then Petraeus resigned because the FBI was made aware of what was going on by Jill who still says she never actually meant to cause the entire mess in the first place but was being harassed by email by Bradwell and contacted the feds to stop the harassment. Read about the General scandal: Huffington Post Report.

Most everyone is getting confused and watching Jill Kelly (Kelley without the e) an ex porn star that has several videos under her belt and we must say they are very hardcore with very funny titles. Now… since everyone is searching for her personal sex tape video scandals, well we are sorry to report there is none at this time… we don’t think anyways. However, there is reports recently that Jill Kelley and her husband where involved in some very high class swinger party’s by individuals that have come forward and said to have been with the couple back in the day and leaked some sex tape videos to prove that it is her. We are going to not take sides in this mess and will just leave it up to the public to decide for themselves as to whether it is Jill or not.

Calls to Jill Kelley’s reps to comment on the sex scandal and swinger videos has thus far gone un-returned and we are pretty sure every single news media outlet out there is trying to talk with her.

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