Argentinean actress that goes by the name of Jimena Perini has become the Argentinean equivalent of Paris Hilton with the new Jimena Perini sex tape video that has recently hit the net featuring some very ruff sex.

Jimena has caught some major attention now after a stolen sex tape she made with her boyfriend magically appeared on the internet that all started after getting drunk with a group of hotties that decided to make a video they would all have to enjoy later. The videos show Jimena and her girlfriends dressed up in black leather outfits, sex toys and lots of drugs going at each other like they all hated each other. The only male in the video then enjoys the girls after they are done beating the s**t out of each other and actually gets to taste test each and every one of them.

We must say that she is great in the sack and holds nothing back at all, the anal sex is simply amazing especially when the toys are used! LOL

Calls to Jimena’s reps have not been returned, though we already know that the videos are real and from watching them looks like she had a great time.