English actress Joanne Whalley who use dto be married to Val Kilmer in the 90’s has been caught up in a on set movie trailer sex tape with her then husband Val Kilmer in the 90’s according to recent gossip. Joanne is famous in her own right for roles in movies and television including her role in the movie Willow where she met her husband Val.

The video is said to be about 15min long filmed via first person by Val, showing Joanne go down on the superstar and then bends her over the couch and finishes himself off after about 10 minutes. The video is said to be filmed via a handheld camcorder and video quality is not the best, but is said that you can see exactly who is in the video. We must say it does look a lot like the couple from the 90’s but we can not be 100% sure. So we are going to leave this ne as a rumor until we can get more information on the tapes.

Calls to Val and Joanne’s reps have been returned and they have stated “We are looking into the video in question and we are assured that if the tapes turn out to be authentic at no time did Val or his wife Joanne approve any distribution of said films and will file suit against anyone that post the content”. Really? Those are some serious threats of a video that has not been 100% verified as of yet… jeeez. We guess they are just getting prepared for the fight.

We have tried to contact both Val Kilmer’s and Joanne Whalley’s reps and so far no returned phone calls… though a paparazzi did catch up with them and ask them about the videos in question and they both replied with a “we have no idea what you are talking about”… The standard celeb response when news of a tape might have leaked.

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