The John Mayer sex tape video with Jessica Simpson is said to be one that could very well go down in history as one of the best ever according to verified reports (Playboy).

The video features John Mayer who for some reason sleeps with all the best looking celebrities in the industry including Jessica Simpson was caught on tape from a MacBook Pro video recording device. John said he forgot it was on after a chat session on some local rock gigs.

John bragged that Jessica was a firecracker in the sack and wanted to show his close buddies what he was talking about, however unfortunately for John the video leaked to the net after an email was sent with the video. Jessica has also been quoted: “He is an absolute beast in bed”

Calls to John’s reps have not been returned… However in an interview with Playboy magazine recently he said the exact same thing he had told his pals that “Jessica was a absolute firecracker in the sack.”

[UPDATE] – There have been recent sex tapes post of John Mayer and several other grade A list celebs and random sexy chicks after reports of his cell phone was stolen, all in all there is said to be about 3hrs of video and over 200 pictures. We have to ask… how the hell does he do it?!!