Reports surfaced recently that the singer/songwriter John Bon Jovi had several parties with a band groupies back in the 80’s and the John Bongiovi sex tape video according to reports has now leaked to the net. Not only that, there is more than one of them showing the rocker getting down and dirty with chicks that just want to touch his perfect hair and other things the rocker had to offer.

The video was taken backstage with some groupies that got the entire encounter on tape. The video features a sweaty Bon Jovi drinking a beer after a concert when a couple girls go over to him playing around and proceed to whip out the rockers dong taking care of business if you know what we mean. ;) Later the video continues at the bands motel room with even more naked girls and you can see drummer Frankie LaRocka, and bassist Hugh McDonald walking about, so we are guessing that the video is from somewhere in the early 80’s.

If you are a Bon Jovi fan or lived in the 80’s then this is a must see video for sure, see how rock stars do it right!

[UPDATE] – There is about 4 of these bad boys now of not only John but his band mates enjoying the willingness of the girls as well. If you want to be a rock star “raise your hands” HEHE