OMG… American actress and singer best known for her roles in Cape Fear and Natural Born Killers, Juliette Lewis has been caught up in a couple separate Juliette Lewis sex tape video (s) and boy have we been waiting for something this damn hot!

According to reports Juliette married professional skateboarder Steve Berra in 1999; and the video of the couple was filmed sometime around 2002 with a run time of around 45min of them having sex in what appears to be their living room in LA. The sex tapes are really damn good as what very much appears to be Juliette is better than a firecracker in the bed she is a bomb doing anything and everything Steve asks her to do and even some things that he did not even ask for all while yelling obscenities… we like that in a woman! There was also rumors of a sex tape of Juliette and Brad Pitt from back in 1992 however we have not been able to locate that video yet, though we are always on the search. Is there anyone in Hollywood that Brad Pitt has not slept with? Jeez

Juliette was recently asked about the sex tapes, specifically the one with her ex-hubby Steve and she simply gave them a very sexy look that could melt anyone like butter. Damn she is sexy as f**k!

[UPDATE] – Juliette has given us another great pleasure recently as on stage at one of her band gigs she… no s**t… starts to masturbate really hard until she appears to cum in front of the entire room of people and you can totally see her pun-tang clear as day. That is simply f**king awesome, thank you Juliette!!!

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