It seems as though the hit show Love & Hip Hop should be renamed Love, Hip Hop & Sex Tapes as yet another scandal has been reveled involving the Atlanta’s cast member Kimberly Michelle Pate or better known as K Michelle. We had heard about this tape in Oct. however did not report on it as the rumor was minimal but now s**t just got real as several adult companies have been contacted about buying the tape.

The video has a run time of approximately 20 minutes recorded in fps by a male that is said to be rapper Mickey Wright better known as Memphitz. The video starts out with Michelle going down and taking care of business then she bends over backwards and lets Memphitz dive on in. Michelle has accused Wright of being a physically abusive man and at times forcing her to have sex with him. We are pretty sure though this was not one of the forced sex encounters as in the video she seems to be more than willing to do what the male is asking. Adult entertainment companies that have been said to have seen parts of the video are saying the doggy style part of the video as “watching K Michelle’s booty bouncing around is absolutely amazing”.

On top of all this there is also a September 29, 2014 Instagram post by Memphitz claiming that he had a sex tape of “someone” and wanted to know who wants to see the video, then within a few minutes tried to take back what he said, but as we all know once you hit submit it is on the web with no going back.

Calls to K Michelle’s reps have thus far gone un-returned but she has said to local paps that “he does not have the video” Really? So there is one for sure? Awesome!

[UPDATE] – According to reports Memphitz was asked about the K Michelle sex tapes and he said that he did in fact have some “juicy video of not only K Michelle but a few others as well” and is looking into what he wants to do with it.

[UPDATE] – A new lesbian sex tape has leaked of K Michelle that shows the celeb getting it on with another dude and girl. K Michelle held nothing back, admitting the woman in the tape was in fact her and she could give a f*ck.

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