Uh Oh!… Your favorite Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco (plays the dumb blond across the hall from the guys) is in the media recently about her Icloud hacking scandal that leaked nude pictures and video to the web recently. As we all know by now the hacking scandal goes deeper and deeper in the rabbit hole with tons of A list celebs being caught in compromising positions.

The content was said to be for her boyfriend and professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting. However she used the Icloud format to send the content to her new husband and that was a big mistake as we all know by now. We here at we have looked long and hard (no pun intended) into the situation and unfortunately we can not find any legitimate video with Kaley, though some of the normal bull s**t sites around are claiming to have her sex tapes. There is however nude pics that we have personally seen and they are for sure of Kaley… and damn we had no idea she is so damn sexy with her fine self!

Kaley herself is not new to being caught up in scandals as she also had some naughty footage leak when she was with her man/co-star on the Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki. Basically they tried to keep it all secret and later the news leaked with some photos of the couple doing some things that just friends would not be doing if you get us. She supposedly also had an ex-boyfriend from when she was a teenager come forward with what he said was a video of the couple going at it in his parents basement… but for some reason that s**t was shut down quick and we never heard anything more about it ;)

We have tried to contact Kaley’s reps and we have not heard back yet. TMZ has also been trying to get the entire scoop and has also been un-successful to this point as everyone in her crew is being very hush hush.

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