Indian actress Kareena Kapoor, also known as Kareena Kapoor Khan that appears in tons of successful Bollywood films has been rumored to now be staring in some very naughty videos. The gossip that has hit the web is stating that Kareena was caught up in a video scandal involving Shahid Kapoor and was filmed sometime in 2004-2005. This recent news certainly does not sit well with her now husband Saif Ali Khan and from what we understand he is on the hunt to find out exactly what is in the videos. The other ironic thing is that Kareena is known in Bollywood for some very steamy love scenes, we are guessing though that the leaked tapes are going to put those to shame.

Well let us tell ya there Saif… the video in question features either Kareena or an exact replica doing everything that you would expect from a sex tape video. The video features the couple in a bedroom with the shooter said to be Shahid getting the full Indian treatment, including a very long (no pun intended) blowjob that last almost 15 damn minutes. But, after that is done you see what is said to be Shahid then hook up Kareena very well. We guess he was paying her back for the 15 minutes of pure bliss she gave him.

Anyways, if you are a fan of Bollywood then you know exactly who we are talking about and this video whether Kareena or not is a must see. So far the Indian actress is denying the entire ordeal saying it is just something someone made up to try and hurt her image. But we have to ask… doesn’t every single sex tape contributor that has been in the media for a naughty video say the exact same thing word for word?! LOL

Calls to Kareena’s reps have not been returned as of yet but she did go on record stating what we said above. We will keep you updated as more developments arise.

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