Former beauty queen and entertainer from Fairview, Oregon Kari Ann Peniche has been caught up in the swinger threesome video involving Eric Dane and wife Rebecca Gayheart, so now the Kari Peniche sex tape video is certainly verified the real deal.

In the video Kari is the extra sexy female that joined the husband and wife celebrity team of Eric and Rebecca in an all day sex orgy that involved everything 3 people can possibly do on drugs and naked for 12hrs. LOL Kari has sex with Rebecca very well we might add and also lets Eric get a taste of what a beauty queen feels like from the inside and he loves every minute of the love fest as any sane man would.

Right after the rumors where verified Kari was asked about her part in the video and she at first denied the video was authentic, then a short couple days later and after she figured out there was no hiding what was right there plain as day on video she changed her tune stating: “Yes, it was me with Eric and Rebecca, we have been very good friends for a long time and have been known to mess around a bit, I am sorry for trying to deny something that was nothing more than having a good time with friends.”

[UPDATE] – Kari Ann Peniche has recently been featured as a Playboy cover girl and was stripped of her beauty queen title a short time after the new Playboy cover hit the streets. We are pretty sure she could give a s**t less about the titles though because from what we hear Playboy paid a pretty good penny to her for the shoot, more than 50 times what she has made from the beauty queen title. ;)

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