Rumors have this ‘private sex tape video’ being stolen from Playboy Playmate and Hugh Hefner pretend girlfriend, Karissa Shannon, by Hills bon vivant, Spencer Pratt, during the course of a party, then into the hands of the Vivid porn empire, and ultimately, endorsed by Karissa Shannon, and boyfriend-boink partner, Sam Jones III. Got all that? Cynical minds might say this video was conceived with just that financial purpose in mind.

The Karissa Shannon sex tape video is one that has been said to be one of the better celebrity sex tapes ever made and made available from Vivid Karissa and her boyfriend Sam Jones III used a good quality camcorder to record themselves having sex on tape all day/night long. Karissa does it all and Sam… he is one lucky guy for sure as Karissa is super hot! You can see Sam Jones pulling Karisa’s hair doggy-style while smacking her tight little ass… very good. Karissa even goes down on him while he is trying to drive and he remarkably stays in his own lanes LOL!

Calls to Karissa’s reps have been returned and said “The sex tapes of Karissa are real and we are working on a deal as of this very minute” Good Deal!

[UPDATE] – 5/23/2011 – There is now another verified sex tape video of Karissa and sexy friend Heidi Montag having sex on tape for about an hour that was taken and copied by Spencer and is now being shopped to the highest bidder. The deal is very close to being done according to sources. This will be one of the best celebrity sex tape videos ever, we have no doubt about it!

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