OMG… Karla Edecan is a model who hails from Mexico and now she has become very famous after the Karla Edecan sex tape video leaked to the internet and we must say Karla has got to be one of the hottest little Latino’s we have ever laid eyes on.

She is a promo-girl and the all time favorite cheerleader for Los Potros, a Tijuana baseball team. She has also done work as a model for Budweiser and Telcel and a few nude spreads for some top USA magazines that drove men of all ages bonkers. In the sex tapes you can watch Karla taking it in every hole with no holding back whatsoever. She is so small her cootchie stretches almost to the limit before cumin all over the place and the guy was like holy s**t!

We called Karla’s modeling reps and they had no comment nor would they provide us with a number to contact the hottie that everyone loves. We believe that this little number could be very famous, though her management team seems to have their head up their ass.

[UPDATE] – We finally got in touch with Karla personally and she said that “yes it was her in the sex tapes and she is not ashamed of the videos, though she had no idea that they would hit the net as her ass hole ex-boyfriend was the one that released the videos.” Thanks!

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