Katherine Litwack or better known as Kat Dennings from the hit show “2 Broke Girls” has recently according to sources been busted in a leaked sex tape scandal featuring Kat and her ex Nick Zano from back in 2012. Kat is no stranger to celebrity scandals as back around the same time she had a bunch of nude photos leak to the web after the enormous ICloud hacking that effected so many celebs.

The tape is said to show Kat and Nick getting it on like a couple rabbits in heat with those milky big boobies bouncing around like crazy and we must say this has got to be one of the most vocal tapes ever heard with a lot of foul language. Said to have taken place sometime in 2012 the video quality is ranked as good but moves around a lot and jumps to different positions kind of like the person holding the camera had Parkinsons or something. There was also talk that in 2009 she had done a professional porn video but we where not able to locate anything like that no matter how many production companies we contacted, so that seems to have been swept under the rug. So… this tape being talked about will have to do for now, check it out and let us know what you think by coming back here and commenting about it.

Kat has gone on record stating that: “I was a bit wild in my younger days and have done a few things I wish I didn’t but life happens and you live and learn from your past mistakes.” When Kat was asked flat out about a sex tape video after the hacking of all the nude pictures she replied: “I may have made a couple dirty videos, who hasn’t but I do not know where they are at now thank god.” Well seems someone has found out that very mystery.

[UPDATE] – Nick was asked if he was the one in the tape being said to be the Kat Dennings sex tape and he said he is not going to comment either way as that time was special to him and he is not going to taint it with a scandal. Too late!

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