Mexican-American tattoo artist, model and television personality Katherine Von Drachenberg or known better as Kat Von D was busted up in a nude video scandal with her ex main squeeze Oliver Peck and sources say the Kat Von D sex tape video is like watching 4th of July fireworks on crack!

According to reports the video said to have been filmed sometime back in 2005 give or take features Kat and Oliver having crazy hardcore very fast sex like watching a couple horny bunnies going at it multiple times. The videos come with a run time of around 28 min, not the longest celeb sex tape we have heard about but very well could be one of the more blood pumping hardcore ones out there for sure! Public reports the best part of the sex tapes is where Oliver pulls out and well… does his business close to her face getting Kat’s hair all sticky. LOL

Kat’s reps and tattoo shop have been called but so far we have no comment from her on the tapes. Jesse James though was asked about the videos and replied: “I am hitting it now so who gives a s**t, right?!” You could not be more right Jesse!

[UPDATE] – Oliver was asked by paparazzi about the videos and he looked at them like he was getting ready to kill their asses, so we guess that question wont be asked again any time soon.

[UPDATE] – Kat Von D has just announced via Twitter she is now engaged to marry famous Techno DJ Joel Zimmerman or better known as Deadmau5. No word if he has seen the sex tapes of Kat yet or not.

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