Could there be a Royal Kate Middleton sex tape video with Prince William? From recent reports that is a big PROBABLY!

As we all know recently the Euro paparazzi caught nude content of Kate and William at a secluded France beach and sold it to Closer.co.uk whose site has been down now for a long time after being threatened with legal action from the Royal Palace. Here is where it gets juicy, according to Alfonso Signorini owner of Closer said after being threatened by the Palace that the content posted was very tame compared to what other content they had received. When asked what could be worse the reply was “video of certain acts being performed”. Oh Snap!

We will of course update you on any new developments as they come in.

[UPDATE] – Kate was asked by paparazzi about her nude footage shot on the private beach with Prince William and she replied “Try and get some class you ass hole”. Well that was not very princess like.