The Katie Price Jordan sex tape video shows Katie giving some random guy a hand-job and then laying down on a bed to use a vibrator on herself through her crotch-less panties with her big ass boobies flopping around, she then ends up having a major orgasm that has been said to be one of the best masturbation celeb videos of all time.

The guy then begins to have sex with her and squeeze her very large breasts before she gives him a blowjob and rides him and then finally Jordan is seen masturbating on the side of a bathtub as a guy rubs her with his foot as he is all tuckered out but Katie needs more. LOL

Katie has been busted nude several times acting crazy, most recently in a car at after a night out hitting up some London night clubs Katie broke out her vibrator out of her purse and started to use it right there in the car while paparazzi video cameras where rolling catching the entire masturbation scene on video.

Katie’s reps were contacted and confirmed the sex tapes, stating: “Yes they are of Katie and she is ok with it.” Then later paparazzi caught up with Katie asking her about the masturbation in the car in front of about 20 people and Katie said: “I like to play with myself on a daily basis, if you did not want to watch… you should have looked the other way and not have all your cameras rolling.” WOW That’s a first a celebrity admits to being a freak!

[UPDATE] – 04/12/2010 – Katie Price Jordan has been approached by Trojen to become the spokesperson for their line of vibrators and female adult toys… Now that is just perfect, getting paid for something you love to do LOL!

[UPDATE] – Another full video of Dane Bowers and Katie Price is now available and being downloaded like crazy showing the couple getting it on after a night out of drinking in London.

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