Dubbed the original American Idol Kelly Clarkson who was the most famous of the Idol’s winning in 2002 has been wrapped up in a nasty little sex tape scandal after video featuring the winner hit the net. The video is said to be with ex Graham Colton from back in 2006 though no one really knows who leaked the tape and when exactly as it just “all of a sudden showed up” according to reports.

The video shows what appears to be Kelly and Graham in a motel room after a day out of shopping in LA. Run time is short at just over 4 minutes but shows Kelly or someone that looks a hell of a lot like her giving head to the male holding the camera said to be Graham. There is actually no sex just the blowjob but Kelly is said to be playing with herself while she is hooking up her at the time man and chokes a few times. The crazy thing about all of this is that the video just all of a sudden showed up, there was no TMZ, Huffington Post or Gossip Cop post that we could find about the scandal, we did find a few bulls**t sites talking about it but nothing solid. We have viewed the video and can say that the girl in the video does look a hell of a lot like Kelly but we do not think it is really her even though we really want it to be. Either way, we think you should check it out and decide for yourself if you think it is her or not.

[UPDATE] – Graham was asked about the video in question and he replied: “Kelly and I are great friends still and I will not discuss our love life from when we where dating”. When asked specifically if he “leaked” the tape, he said: “No I would never do that to Kelly”. Then again most the dudes involved in this type of scandal say the same exact thing, so it is hard to say if it is true or not. No word on how current man Brandon Blackstock feels about the entire situation.

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