Kelly Ripa best known for hosting the morning talk show “Live! with Kelly and Michael” has been being talked about on Twitter about a celebrity sex tape leak of the host and her husband Mark Consuelos. According to reports the tape that features the couple at home doing the dirty was leaked sometime in early 2014 and Kelly even mentioned it on her morning talk show. We must admit talk about this video really excited us as Kelly is one of our favorite celebs of all time.

The tape is 28 minutes long and shows what appears to be Ripa walking around naked and going into the bathroom as the camera being held by her husband followed behind her. Once in the bathroom Mark then tells her that they are going to make a nice little video that he can watch later and she says screw that I am not going to be the next Kim Kardashian and the most downloaded sex tape ever. However later the video cuts to the couple having sex doggy style as we assume Mark is holding his phone while hitting it from behind. We have watched the video and can say with a pretty decent confidence that the sex scene is not Kelly, it seems that someone basically cut the two videos together to appear to be the morning talk show host. So this will be another one of those that we let you decide for yourself.

We put in calls to the producers of the morning show however they have not been returned. She was also asked on Twitter about the tapes authenticity with no reply.

[UPDATE] – More nude pictures of what is said to be Kelly have leaked vi the CJ blog, however CJ is known for getting sued for fabricating nude celebrity pictures and videos so take them with a grain of salt.

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