Kelly Rowland who was a member of the all girl band Destiny’s Child is no stranger to scandals, but most recently she has been trending about the Kelly Rowland sex tape videos that leaked by the hands of her ex fiance NFL star Roy Williams according to reports. Roy has also been rumored to have been abusive in the couples relationship but he says it was a guy named Cudda that was at one time Nelly’s manager that is being talked about when Kelly was rapping about abusive relationships in her single “Dirty Laundry”. Either way what we have here may be one of the better celebrity sex tapes to leak in a while.

The tape was filmed sometime in the early 2000’s and features what is said to be Kelly and a black male that we do not see his face in the bathroom doing the business. The guy is laying in the bathtub while Kelly straddles him facing the same direction and proceeds to work her way up and down creating the motion of the ocean with the bath water. There is a lot of grabbing, tugging and verbal cursing in the tape that was leaked by CJ. The only problem we see is that the site that was said to have initially leaked the content is known for complete bull s**t as they became pretty popular for the nude images they photo shopped of Taylor Swift. So at this time we are going to say that this can not be confirmed as the real deal because we can not make out the faces completely. The only thing that does have us thinking maybe it is Kelly is because of the type of people she hung out with and we do know that she was in some abusive relationships with some pretty shady characters and normally those guys do like to record and leak videos to “hurt” the females they have been with that piss them off after getting dumped.

Calls to Kelly’s reps have been put in but as of yet no word back.

[UPDATE] – Row Williams went on record saying that the man in the video was not him… But did go on to say to the local paparazzi that when they where together they had recorded themselves having sex several times but he no longer had the videos and even if he did have them he would not share them with the public. There ya go Hollywood, finally a stand up guy!

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