American actor and comedian Kelsey Grammer is most widely known for his two-decade portrayal of psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane on the mega television series hits Frasier, Cheers, Wings and has won an astonishing 5 Emmy Awards has been caught up in the Kelsey Grammer sex tape video according to reports.

The video is said to show Kelsey and ex-girlfriend Cerlette Lamme at a local motel getting down and dirty for over 2hrs featuring everything from simple play time to full on extremely dirty sex including some anal action. The video was said to have been bought at a local garage sale if you can believe that and when the buyer of the video watched it he said “I could not believe what I was looking at”. IEG also said they had a copy of the video as well and Grammer initially sued and the issue was soon after that dropped by IEG though they still swear up and down that they have the video of Grammer and there “is no doubt it is him”.

Calls to Grammer’s reps have not been returned to us as of yet, though we would love to hear what he has to say about the news.

[UPDATE] – As we all know by now Grammer loves to party at the Playboy Mansion and may have been stung in the ass by one of the girls that he supposedly hooked up with at a recent party as she says she has video of her getting the high hard one from the Dr. and his new lady knew all about it. We will see how this one plays out…

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