Famous in her own right because of her half sister being the extremely famous celebrity Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner has been rumored to have her own little dirty celeb sex tapes and we have dug deep into the talk around the web. First though a bit about Kendall… she was born in Los Angeles in 1995 to of course the former Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner and television personality and Kim K’s mom Kris Jenner who is what people say the brains behind the success of the Kim Kardashian sex tape that you can still watch by clicking here. Kendall became most well known for her appearances on the E! reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians that we have all seen… right?

Anyways, the tapes that have been talked about by we might add some pretty high authority sites are saying that Julian Brooks who was the University of Nevada defensive back and dated Kendall for a very long time may have leaked the tapes after Kendall dumped his ass for cheating on her (wtf was he thinking?! lol). The video quality is said to be very good and shows Kendall and Julian go at it like some crazy teenagers with the video starting out with… you guessed it Kendall blowing Julian and then the then couple proceed to have sex while Julian records the entire encounter on his cell phone for all of about 15 minutes. Now we have been told that the video is not anything as dirty as the Kim K tapes but hell, if this s**t is true it could be huge! As soon as we check it out we will of course verify the tapes authenticity asap and report back here with an update.

Kendall also has recently taken some very racy photos leaving little to nothing left to the imagination… It seems as though she is following in her half sisters footsteps after all.

Calls to the Kardashian reps have gone un-returned thus far but they have gotten back with us in the past so we are hopeful we will hear something very soon. crossing fingers ;)

[UPDATE] – More basically nude photos of Kendall have been leaked that she had taken around the same time that the tapes in question where filmed when she was with Julian. This may be getting more real by the minute. Pissed off ex-boyfriends always come through in a big way.

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