As you may have heard by now, comedian Kevin Heart has been blackmailed to cough up 8 figures for a sex tape of him and a traveling stripper he met in Vegas.

Now authorities say they are closing in on who had the videos and was requesting the blackmail money from Kevin. At first Kevin was blaming his sex partner Montia Sabbag, claiming she is the one that set up the entire blackmail via encrypted email messages. However, she has claimed that she was also filmed without her knowledge, and has layered up big time in defense.

The FBI and local authorities are telling us that they are getting search warrants right now, and will be administering them today. The warrents still needed signed by the local judge are going to ask permission to seize cell phones, computers and other electronic devices. As we reported, the extortion demands were sent by emails that were encrypted.

Kevin Hearts pregnant wife has said that she will stand by her man, and that this slip up though it will have a negative effect on their relationship, will not ruin the family.

The video shows Kevin and the stripper snuggling and getting their drink on at one of the local casino hotel rooms. Then Kevin pulls the white blanket back to revel the completly nude Monita and procedes to get in bed with her. Then there is a bunch of humping, moaning and want not, ending with Kevin getting his rocks off. The video is pretty good quality, as it was recorded on a newer IPhone so of course you get to see the action.

This is not the first time a celebrity has been blackmailed over a sex tape and surely will not be the last. There has been 100’s of celebrities worldwide that have opted to pay off blackmailers (mostly men).