One of Americas favorite power celebs Kirsten Dunst is now wrapped up in her very own sex tape scandal after reports of a leaked video of Kirsten and one of her best mates and current super sexy boyfriend Garrett Hedlund have hit the net. Kirsten if you do not know is famous for her roles in hit movies like Spiderman, Jumanji, Jurassic Park and Fargo to name just a few with a list of roles a mile long and growing every year.

The video being talked about was said to be leaked along with nude photos that where hacked from the celebs ICloud account back in September of 2014. The images that where leaked do show Kirsten in the shower and on her bed completely nude (here is an example of one of the leaked nude photos (nsfw) from the hack in 2014). Anyways, then most recently the rumors have surfaced about a sex tape with Kirsten and Garrett getting it on at home with extreme close ups and everything! The video is said to be of great quality and filmed by Garrett and then Kirsten herself as the couple go through about a 20min full blown love making session including oral and all sexual positions. If you have ever wondered about Kirsten’s abilities in the sack this tape is said to confirm those thoughts as she is made out to be a complete firecracker. We have no doubt and keep our fingers crossed to see the real content!!!

[UPDATE] – We had put in calls to both Kirsten and Garrett’s reps and we got a reply from one of Kirsten’s team members… “Kirsten is looking into her option at this point and will be making a statement in regards to the nude photos and video leaked. Please respect our clients privacy as any time personal content leaks to the internet it can be devastating.” Ok, in our opinion and the world sex tape stats… when have you ever seen a leaked nude sex tape be devastating for a celebrity? Right… they have only helped every single celeb out there. Remember folks, any press is good press and all celebs and management companies know this.

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