NBA basketball stud Kobe Bryant has been caught up in his very own sex tape video scandal with a young Lakers fan from UCLA at a local house party and there is said to be the Kobe Bryant sex tape video content online now.

As we all know Kobe has been wrapped up in sexual cheating on his wife Vanessa Bryant scandals for years and supposedly this time it was all caught on video. The interracial sex tape shows what appears to be Kobe Bryant at a house party somewhere in LA and is flirting very hard with the un-named UCLA collage student. The video then cuts away and comes back on in the bedroom where the two are exchanging heated kisses and yup you guessed it turns into a full blown celebrity sex tape.

We have tried to contact Kobe’s management team and even sent them a copy asking for a comment and here is the reply we have received: “At this time we will not be commenting on the video in question, Kobe is a family man and does not want to put his family through any more scandals”. Guess what he already did! LOL

[UPDATE] – Yet another woman from non other than Las Vegas has leaked video that she says is Kobe feature the NBA stud in all his glory taken from a laptop that was on a dresser recording the entire time. When she was asked if she set up the entire video her reply was: “no, I just forgot to turn off a video chat session that was still recording during the sexual encounter.” We have to call bull s**t on her as after a video chat is ended by either party the camera is turned off automatically.

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