Like mother like daughter is what they say and this seems to be very true for Kim Kardashian’s mom Kris Jenner who officially went on record stating that she does in fact have some sex tapes that she made with her first husband that was OJ Simpsons defense lawyer Robert Kardashian, and also her now most recent ex husband former Olympian Bruce Jenner. Seems to us like making sex tapes is in the Kardashian blood and that is nothing but good news for the public or bad news, however you want to look at it.

The video with Robert Kardashian is said to be crappy quality and only be about 5min of Kris sucking him off… the tape with Bruce on the other hand is fairly long according to reports and features the entire nine yards… though Bruce has no where near nine yards. LOL We must also say that the Kardashian’s either mom or daughter have just banging bodies as Kris is super hot or what we like to call a cougar MILF. She also posed for a photo shoot with her daughter Kim right by her side back in 2007 when Kim’s sex tape took off like wildfire. Now we are sure that the Kris tapes will not sell even close to the amount of downloads that Kim was able to pull down… but hell, it is worth a look for sure! Just to put a lot of this in perspective, if you read her autobiography, Kris confessed she had an affair with former soccer player and animator Todd Waterman during her marriage to Robert. She referred to Waterman as “Ryan” in her autobiography, but he revealed his identity on his own. Either way it shows yet again that the Kardashian’s just love a good scandal.

[UPDATE] – Trying to get a hold of the Kardashian’s PR team is like pulling teeth but Kris went on record through several media outlets confirming that she does in fact have some sex tapes out there. So there ya go confirmed the real deal… Will you check out Kim’s mom? I know we will!

[UPDATE] – New nude pictures of Kris Jenner have surfaced from the early 80’s that show her downstairs parts and her giving head to an un-known pecker. We assume her old fling Robert maybe? Anyways, they are older pics and a bit on the yellow side as they are aged but they do appear to be Kris.

[UPDATE] – As we all know by now Kris and her ex Olympian man Bruce errr now Caitlyn Jenner have not had the best relationship in the way of sex and now a young man that says that he had sex with Kris several times while she was with Bruce has come forward stating that he even has the video to prove it and wants to sell the rights. The story first broke on CJ and was said to feature Kris and the un-known black male going at it like wild rabbits in heat. After the session Kris then looks up at the male and says damn I needed that s**t for sure. Hmmm, we have tried to contact the seller directly but as of yet to see the video that he says he has even though he has offered to sell it to us. We are still waiting our last reply to shoot him the money requested for the footage.

[UPDATE] – On top of all that has been going on with this family with the Kris cheating on Bruce scandal, Bruce becoming a woman, the un-scene scenes from the Kim Kardashian sex tape leaking and now Vivid making an outlandish offer to her now 18 daughter at the opportunity to hold the rights to a Kylie Jenner sex-tape video. Another, unidentified male has come forward saying he also has video of Kris and Corey Gamble having sex that he said was sent to him by Corey himself. We have seen parts of the video that was shot on an IPhone and must say… um this guy might be on to something. We will of course keep you posted and put any videos we get in the video section as always to let you decide for yourselves. We are almost to the point of renaming “sex tapes” to “Kardashians”. lol

[UPDATE] – Just when the Kardashian name starts to die down on the web, low and behold our spies were yet again correct. The sex tape of Kris Jenner with ex-husband Robert Kardashian are now confirmed the real deal, 2 years after we first reported the news that no one picked up. We hate to say we told you so, but we did, as usual.

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