Oh jeez… the rumored Kristen Stewart sex tape video just became all to real for the Twilight movie series superstar.

According to reports Kristen had some sexual photos and video taken of her cheating on her man Robert Pattinson with movie director Rupert Sanders who was married to model Liberty Ross. The exposed content is said to feature Kristen and Rupert outside loving on each other and then moves to a parked car smoking marijuana and then getting naked to have full blown sex on tape. Un-known to Kristen the entire encounter was filmed by a local paparazzi that was held up in some nearby bushes with some pretty stout recording equipment. The content hit the net and has been watched and talked about like crazy.

Kristen denied all reports as she was supposed to be in a long relationship with Twilight actor Rob Pattinson, however when the pictures hit the net there was nothing else she could do but admit the content was in fact the real deal and she then apologized to Rob for her cheating ways.

Calls to Kristen’s rep confirmed that “yes it is Kristen and we are working with our lawyers at this time and have no comment”.

[UPDATE] – For some reason Robert Pattison has got back together with Kristen Stewart even though she was caught red handed on tape screwing around on him and admitted to having the affair with Rupert Sanders. Not really sure why Rob would take her ass back so easily. Kristen was also a part of the huge celebrity hacking scandal that hit so many celebs with what was said to be tons of nude content. Yikes!

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