Yes, In case you are wondering the Kristin Davis sex tape scandal is real and was confirmed 100% authentic.

In the Sex In The City television series she was very shy and “new” to sex, however the best looking cast member they had. Well, after seeing this exposed content we can tell you that she is not shy and not at all “new” to having sex as she does it very well and in tune with her man in their bathroom. The video starts out with Kristin in the shower, then doing her toe nails on the s**ter but then the video cuts to the couple going to the bedroom and having hardcore sex with each other. The camera whatever it was is bouncing around a bit making it difficult to concentrate but hell who cares as long as we get to see it right.

One thing that we could not get out of our mind while watching the sex tapes is how harry Kristin was in the lower region, we have just not seen a harry cootchie in a long time… kinda freaked us out a bit. LOL

Calls to Kristin’s reps have not been returned but she has already verified the tapes authenticity with local media.