The Kardashians/Jenners family where made famous because of the Kim Kardashian sex tapes with Ray J and now that Kylie is of age rumors are rampant with reports of a Kylie and Tyga sex tape. Even Vivid is getting in on the action offering a whopping 10 Million signing bonus to create a tape longer than 22 minutes. Again, as usual TMZ who is known to constantly help Steve Hirsch stay in the news for sex tape news and offers broke the story that was quickly picked up by all the other main stream media outlets. Hey we have an official offer for Kylie that will put Vivid to shame… We will offer her a 50% ownership and transfer our domain to her, considering the amount of money Vivid made and continues to make from her sister Kim… 10 million would be chicken feed.

Kylie herself is no amateur on how to get the public all juiced up… she has constantly taken and “leaked” very racy photos and it gets more and more extreme as she gets older… so will a tape be in the works? We sure hope so… I mean let’s not forget who her mom is and how Kris Jenner was said to be the brains behind the entire Kim Kardashian 2007 video “leak”, getting the idea from Kim’s ex bff at the time Paris Hilton who was made famous in her own rights by the One Night In Paris leaked video tapes.

In other Kylie gossip and rumors there is the same bulls**t sites stating to already have a tape of Kylie and Tyga having sex in a motel room filled with bottles of booze and weed. The site who we will not even mention basically with some decent video editing skills took a video and placed the heads of the couple on the other couple that are really having sex. We have seen the video and can say without a doubt it is complete bulls**t, though they did do a good job on the editing table. So just remember as of now there is no real tape of Kylie and any site that says they have one is straight up lying to you and should not be trusted.

[UPDATE] – We have sent our 50% ownership offer to Kyle and Tyga’s management teams and TMZ, Vivid, Huffington Post etc etc etc. and not one of them have responded or reported our offer information.

[UPDATE] – New video of what is said to be Kylie and Tyga have leaked. We have taken a look at the tape and can not confirm for sure if it is her and Tyga as the video is all over the place. But the video is in the video area if you want to watch and decide for yourself.

[UPDATE] – New video said to be Kylie Jenner having sex with Tyga has leaked, however the woman in the video is not Kylie and the male is definitely not Tyga. Yet again, CJ has started the rumor of the video saying it is in fact the real full video. We watched the so called tape and can say with 100% accuracy the video is a fake. Now, this is not to say that Kylie Jenner and Tyga do not have a sex tape, as Kylie herself has confirmed they do, though the one going around with her blond dreadlocks is not the real deal.

[UPDATE] – Tyga has confirmed the sex tapes with Kylie are the real deal 100%, saying he had a ton of “aces in the hole, if you get me”. Kylie and Tyga both admitted to making sex tape porn videos together back in the day when they where a thing, only problem now is that she is preggers with Travis Scott’s baby girl. There has been a ton of videos that have come out that have been said to be the real exposed videos of the couple, however as of yet, we are still licking our chops waiting on Tyga to hook us up!

[UPDATE] – Tyga just made good on his threats and leaked what appears to be a real sex tape of Kylie Jenner on his website for about 30min. Some of us were fortuanite enough to rip the content, and we must say… um it sure looks like Kylie and Tyga doing their thing!

[UPDATE] – Tyga’s latest song includes him rapping about how he and Kylie had an entire library of sex videos and she is pissed. Later Tyga went on a radio show talking about the track, and said it was all in good fun. Wink Wink

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