Yet again another Hollywood break up celebrity sex tape is now set to go live! Jimmy Green soon to be ex-husband of Saved By The Bell star Lark Voorhies says he has some extremely nasty Lark Voorhies sex tapes and she knew damn well what she was doing regardless of what she is telling reporters.

All together there is close to an hour of video on a few separate occasions in the bedroom of the couple going at it like dogs in heat. Lark recently went on the records saying that she had no idea she was being filmed which is a straight up lie as after we looked at the videos, several times in the tape she talks to him looking right into the recording device.

We think this is going to play out very much like all the rest after celeb breakups. She will deny that she had any involvement and at some point will cut a deal to make money off the profits to go along with the media coverage. The other red flag is that Lark and Jimmy where only together for 6 months before calling the relationship quits.

We have put in calls to the attorneys for the couple but we where told no comment by both attorneys we talked to.

[UPDATE] – Jimmy went on record saying that “Lark was on board the entire time with making the sex tapes and in the video you can see plain as day she was all for it.” We had told you that right after seeing the tapes.