Rick Ross’s baby mama Lastonia Leviston who had her sex tape leaked in 2010 by rival rapper Curtis Jackson or better known as 50 cent is as we all know by now suing the rapper for leaking the tape of her with former boyfriend, Maurice Murray. Funniest thing about all this is her boyfriend Maurice gave the tape to 50cent himself and has admitted that fact in legal court documents. Then, after 50 cent edited the video to put himself in it to do a little entry piece before the sex scenes he posted it to Youtube and the video got over 3.4 million views before it was removed by YouTube staff. DOH!

The tape shows Lastonia doing it all going down on Maurice and getting on top then letting him finish off doggy style and then even cleans him up if you know what we mean. There is also more video of Lastonia doing the whole anal sex thing with Maurice as well and that was part of the videos leaked. 50 cent blurred out Maurice’s head in the tape but you can see plain as day that it is 100% most definitely Lastonia and was done to try and piss off Rick Ross who 50 cent can’t stand with a passion. 50 even put himself in the video talking s**t to Rick Ross to make it appear that he was there watching his baby mama getting tagged.

Honestly we don’t see how the judge could possible rule in her favor and the reason why is that Maurice gave the property to Curtis Jackson of his own free will. If Curtis was held responsible that would mean all media outlets that “leak” video/information they have been provided with would be liable and that my friends has not been the case for a very long time.

Calls to Lastonia’s attorneys have been returned: “We feel that Mrs Leviston has suffered immensely after Curtis Jackson put her private moments on a public video forum and feel that this is was a no question asked violation of her rights and just plain wrong on the part of Mr. Jackson.”

[UPDATE] – Jury selection is set for May 26th 2015 and the judge in the case said he better see Mr. Jackson in his first required appearance with no excuses. Yikes, sounds like the judge may have already decided the case. Personally we think Lastonia is about to get paid big time by Jackson. We will of course keep ya posted on the court proceedings.

[UPDATE] – 50Cent said he is not to blame for the leaking of the Lastonia Leviston sex tapes and that it was all Rick Ross and that he (50Cent) just provided the link to the actual naughty footage. Lastonia is looking to get paid big time as she gave no one permission to post her tapes online. The judge in the case has also been hard on 50cent and it does not look good for him from what we have seen from the recent proceedings. 50 Cent then went on to say “If Lastonia gets any judgment from me I am going to get it from Rick Ross as he was the one who actually leaked the videos.” We are not sure how this will all play out but can tell you that it is not fun to be Rick Ross at the moment.

[UPDATE] – Lastonia is now 5 million dollars richer as the jury just awarded 50 cent to pay her $2.5 million in damages for using her image without her permission … and another $2.5 mil for intentional infliction of emotional distress from the sex tapes release. Next week, the jury will decide on punitive damages if any (we are sure there will be)… so Fifty’s bill will more than likely be a lot more. Lastonia, was smiling from ear to ear and 50 cent has not even shown himself one time during this entire ordeal. But really, lets put this in perspective… Curtis probably makes 5 million in a day so is it a big loss? Hell no, look at all the media attention he has gotten. Worth every penny!

[UPDATE] – In a weird turn of events rapper Curtis Jackson AKA 50cent has filed legal papers with his attorney for bankruptcy protection. That means if the judge allows it Lastonia will not see a dime. We are still unsure how the hell he can file for bankruptcy as just in May Forbes Magazine listed him with a net worth of over 155 Million. The funny thing is right after we found out about the bankruptcy filing, he was spotted at a local strip club making it rain with 100 dollar bills. Guess times are not to rough for the rap mogul. Lastonia’s attorneys are pissed to say the least as they where working for their client Lastonia for free and where to be paid when she got paid by the lawsuit. Crazy s**t, this will be one to follow for sure!

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