American television personality, fashion designer, and author Lauren Conrad famous for her stint on The Hills has been caught up in a the Lauren Conrad sex tape video scandal said to have been filmed in 2011 with ex-boyfriend Kyle Howard.

The video according to sources shows what appears to be Lauren and Kyle giving each other oral pleasure switching off with the camera depending on who is sucking on who with a run time of around 22min. There is no sex that gets recorded as a very eager Kyle does his business with the oral he receives from Lauren and then the video cuts out, however you get to see what is said to be Lauren butt ass naked giving and receiving oral sex.

Calls to Lauren’s reps have not been returned though Kyle was caught by paparazzi at a basketball game and said: “Look man we where together for a while and did some crazy s**t, if a video of us is around it is in a closet somewhere as I would never want to hurt Lauren that way.” He should be more worried about himself on this one, we have never seen a celebrity sex tape where the male nuts and the video cuts out. Did he at least get it back up and finish her off? We may never know…

[UPDATE] – As we all know Lauren has dated some very high profile celebs like Shawn Pyfrom, Doug Reinhardt, Derek Hough etc. etc. Sources are saying that she also now has some video with Doug.