While with the Fugee’s Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean made what is now known as the Lauryn Hill sex tape video according to recent reports by Media Take Out who we can believe about as far as we can throw them.

They are saying the sex video was shot by non other than Wyclef himself according to sources and at the time was married to the long time love of his life or so he said many times, Marie Claudinette that had no idea the affair was happening between Lauryn and Wyclef for a very long time. Supposedly the video tape shot by Wyclef shows Lauryn completely nude walking about the apartment having a good time sipping on some wine, the couple then move to the bedroom and proceed to do the dirty deed while the entire sexual encounter was filmed. In the video you can see what every normal celebrity sex tape shows with passionate kissing, rubbing and of course hardcore intercourse, the video quality is just so so as it was said to be filmed in the 90’s.

Calls to Lauryn and Wyclef have gone un-returned, however they have been very busy with tons of legal issues… so we completely understand the delayed response. ;)

[UPDATE] – Lauryn Hill was asked about her sex video with Wyclef recently and her response was: “I have more important things to worry about than a stupid sex tape of myself from a long time ago.” By more important things of course she is talking about her current tax issue with the IRS where she could go to jail. So maybe MediaTakeOut was not full of as much s**t as we first thought.

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