American actress and singer Leighton Meester most famous for her role on Gossip Girl has been caught up in the new Leighton Meester sex tape video said to be recorded by Sebastian Stan in or around 2008 according to recent reports.

Video run time is said to be right at 29min showing Leighton and Sebastian going at it like a couple of rabbits in heat and by the time they are done they are sweating like crazy. The most talked about part of the tapes is when Leighton (after obviously drinking a lot) enters the room she is in a red see through night gown that would make any man drool. She then kneels beside what appears to be Sebastian and starts him off with a very well done blow-job… We are telling you it is probably the most sensual thing we have ever seen, and we have seen a lot! After, a while of her pleaseing dude like no other they proceed to have some what appears to be pretty damn ruff sex at a incredibly very fast pace.

Calls to Leighton’s reps have not been returned as of yet.

[UPDATE] – Leighton was recently caught by our spies and asked her about the video authenticity and she is still stating that the video is not of her, when told how much the public believes other wise she replied: “those people can think what they want.”