American singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, producer and part time actor Lenny Kravitz as we all know has always been a bit of a player and now the Lenny Kravitz sex tape video is said to be not just one but according to sources he now has 3 videos with two of the hottest females on the planet, Marisa Tomei and Adriana Lima. Must be nice!

The first video that was reported was the video made in 2004 with actress Marisa Tomei that featured the couple getting it on before and after a local party. Now a second video with non other than supermodel Adriana Lima (famous for her own sex tapes that supposedly leaked by a very pissed off ex-boyfriend) has hit the web and members that have seen the video swear even though Adriana denies any videos that it is her no doubt in their mind from what they have watched. The video with Adriana is a short film of around 12min filmed in 2002 with not full sex but she provides Lenny with a bit of release if you know what we mean, however the sex tapes with Marisa where reported to be full on sex action two times in the same night.

Calls to Lenny’s reps have not been returned though paparazzi have asked him about the videos and he replied to them: “Look man my personal life is my own and I would appreciate you not bringing up s**t like this.” So is that a yes? or no? Inquiring minds want to know.

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