Leryn Franco Sex Tape Video

Paraguayan model and athlete Leryn Franco who specialized in the javelin throw in the 2008 Beijing Olympics has been recently caught up in the celebrity gossip arena after a sex tape featuring what appears to be Leryn and her main squeeze Novak Djokovic supposedly surfaced. She was killing it online as one of the sexiest Olympic athletes that also earned her a spot in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue that had men and women drooling worldwide.

Reports are saying that the tape was filmed sometime in 2008 and features the couple in a Spanish style hotel room. The video starts out with what is said to be Leryn in a white robe looking like she had just got done washing that sexy ass body. Then she pulls the robe over her shoulders and moves the room service tray to do a little bit of her own service on her man at the time Novak. She starts to give him a blowjob then when he is ready to burst she takes off her rob and mounts the “pole” and works it like you would think an Olympic athlete would. Note: During the entire video they speak in Spanish and though you may not understand Spanish it is not hard to figure out what they are saying. lol

The tape was said to have been leaked from Novak’s email account back in 2010 but we are unable to confirm this as the calls put into both Novak and Leryn have not been returned thus far. Leryn though is gaining more attention as of lately after a few very notable modeling jobs she has recently performed. This chick has one of the baddest to the bone bodies we have ever seen no doubt!

[UPDATE] – Novak was spotted in a club in the UK and asked about Leryn and he only replied “Leryn was no is a great woman and I would never try to divulge any intimate secrets of our love life. Any tape that has hit the net of us was not leaked by me.” Hmm sounds familiar doesn’t it.

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